The Black Women's Wealth Alliance


The Black Women’s Wealth Alliance, SBC aims to increase the economic stability and prosperity of Historical Black women to enable them to build Black generational Wealth.


Our work focuses on Wealth Literacy, Business leadership & strategy, Professional development and social capital. Additionally we provide small capacity grants towards Black women's wealth goals and aspirations.

Behind the BEE Marketplace

In 2020, 41% of Black businesses closed their doors and more than 130,000 Black women were fired or furloughed from the workplace. The Black Women's Wealth Alliance observed a significant increase in new business startups during this time, and many existing businesses were seeking financial and technical assistance in order to sustain and reinvent themselves as they struggled to recover from economic loss.


Many of the businesses lacked the necessary technology and marketing skills, equipment, and funds to build a digital presence. As a result, the BEE Marketplace was established in 2020 as a pilot program with 34 Black Women business owners and entrepreneurs. Among the many services offered at the BEE Marketplace were marketing education, social media and website overhauls, sales tracking tools, and capacity grants.


The BEE Marketplace is a critical platform that supports the visibility and viability of black businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil uprisings resulting from the murder of George Floyd.

2020 BEE Marketplace facts

2020 BEE Marketplace Facts

  • 34 business owners employed 69 individuals

  • 27 of 34 business owners were registered & licensed

  • 34 businesses reported a total of pre-covid annual sales of $550K

  • 31 business were impacted by Covid 19 & Civil Uprisings

  • 31 businesses received a total of $65K in BWWA support grants

  • 32 businesses received social media training, consult and revamp

  • 13 businesses participated in group sales

  • 17 business owners reported earning over $51K within 30 days

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