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   Support local       Black-women owned

The BEE Marketplace is an online cultural marketplace showcasing the talents, products and services of Black-Women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. The BEE Marketplace offers a range of options from fashion, apparel, beauty products, health & wellness products, customized items and more! Open now through Jan. 30th!

Local Family Business

The Pollination of prosperity

The Black Women’s Wealth Alliance, SBC aims to increase the economic stability and prosperity of Historical Black women to enable them to build Black generational Wealth.


Our work focuses on Wealth Literacy, Business leadership & strategy, Professional development and social capital. Additionally we provide small capacity grants towards Black women's wealth goals and aspirations.

We would like to thank our presenting sponsor, Bremer Bank


The Black Women's Wealth Alliance would like to thank Bremer Bank for supporting the BEE Marketplace initiative. We are grateful for the chance to work with a company that shares our values and is committed to our mission!

To learn more about Bremer Bank, please visit

Thank you to our partners!

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Window Shopping
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